1-Structure, Organization, and Strategies of Public Libraries in Iran and Europe

  • The Role of Public Libraries in National Development
  • current Public Library Trends with a Global Approach
  • Vision of the Management Structure of Public Libraries

2-Public, Specialized and Personalized Services in Public Libraries of Iran and Europe 

  • Introducing, Promoting and Disseminating Information and Knowledge through Public Libraries
  • Reader Advice on the Use of Information and Knowledge
  • Collaboration on the Development of Information and Knowledge Skills and Abilities
  • Promoting Information Literacy in a Changing Environment

3-Public libraries and Civil Society in Iran and Europe

  • Social Innovations in Public Library Services
  • Creating a Culture of Civic Ideas
  • Sharing Social Innovations for Growth and Development
  • Social Innovations in the Development of Social, Economic and Cultural Systems
  • Free and Equal Access to Information and Knowledge

4-Reviewing, Analyzing and Designing the Development of Future Services in Public Libraries of Iran and Europe

  • Capacity Building of New Services and Programs
  • seeking Opportunities in the Local, National and International Environment
  • The Usability of Future Services
  • Adjusting Successful Large-Scale Innovations